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Top 200 iOS (20 april 2022)
GameChartz support now top 200 iOS games.

The iOS lists work again (18 september 2021)
GameChartz only support top 100 iOS games from now on. Its possible to get top 200 games with some rewriting of the code.

The iOS lists dont work (7 september 2021)
The lists for iOS doesnt work, Appstore refuse any connections so we have decided to shutdown all scripts that connect to Appstore for time being.

Update of the code part 2 (18 april 2021)
All the php code is now rewritten after about 40 hours work. There can be some functions that is not working but a full QA have been executed.

Update of the code (8 april 2021)
Part of the code for the scripts need to be rewritten during 2021 due to new releases and present release will be deprecated by the webhotel. After a survey this will require significant development of new code. During the first year this site is visited by 10-20 unique visitors each day and is declining, so this might be our last.

Problems with the webhotel (6 march 2021)
The webhotel that Game Chartz is hosted at have experienced problems during more then one day after a planned maintenance job. We can see that the site is now working again.

Game Chartz wish everybody a Happy New Year (31 december 2020)
We want to thank the one person who supported Game Chartz during 2020.
If you want to support Game Chartz to continue deliver and develop game charts please follow this link.